Hi! I am Kristina Lecloux, I’m a communicator.

Creative ideas and beautiful design make me tick. 


I’m an Content consultant.
 I like to come in and elevate brands, creating messaging that connects them with their audience.


My thing is to deal with the aesthetic imagery you see online and offline, especially for social media content.

I have an eye for current trends and like developing relevant editorial content and story angles based on trending topics and branding priorities.

Maintaining a wealth of current ideas and staying abreast of current lifestyle trends is natural for me.




I have a bachelor’s degree in politics and international relations.

I’m a dedicated communication and reputation professional with years of experience working for a newspaper specialized in European Affairs.

For years, I was supporting a portfolio of hundreds of lobbying associations, NGOs, think tanks and political parties helping them in their communication strategy and their reputation building efforts.

The main goal was to support them in raising awareness on their policy priorities, gaining visibility in Brussels European circles, communicate their messages to stakeholders and decision-makers, promote their positions and engage their target audience.


What happened then?
I gradually started looking in another direction, being naturally attracted to fashion, aesthetics, art, photography, journalism, and design.




I'm a "Social radar"- I like observing others, facial expressions, body language, time of voice, what they are saying and how they act to one another.

I cherish creative thinking - looking at things in a new way, outside the box. I like solving problems, meeting challenges while bringing a fresh and sometimes unconventional perspective to work.

I always try not to take myself seriously using humor as a guiding principle

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I work around the image: thinking, making, using.

 Art direction & communication Strategy


Production and realization of visual & editorial content


Content management & production on social network platforms and community management

Whether for a brand, a store, a project, or an institution, I assist in the definition of a differentiating creative content.




I provide content, artistic direction & strategy for:

La niche


Bonnie & Jane

Bruno de Veth Architecture





social media editing


helping  define a company’s story and values

artistic direction & aesthetic imagery

writing engaging copy for social media posts

staging the photo and video shoots for campaigns 

 ensuring that the brand identity, tone of voice and aesthetic are maintained 

exploring new ways to articulate brand storytelling 

defining which visual assets to use

website copywriting


get in touch!

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